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Gambling has been around for long enough to evolve into a complex industry that provides dynamic ways for gamblers to place bets. The most popular types of stakes are single bets, by joining multiple bets for bigger payouts is becoming a popular practice in casino and sports betting. One of the tools that are commonly in use to calculate the total odds and payouts of combining bets is the parlay calculator.

A parlay is a stake that combines a couple of bets to improve their payout odds and grant the gambler more lucrative wins than they would have landed when staking in individual outcomes. Even though the final payout is linked among all parlay wagers, the results of each game remain unaffected by those of others that appear in the parlay odds calculator. The least number of events that can be included in a calculator is two while the highest is eight or eleven depending on the calculator.

When using a parlay odds calculator, all the listed events have to give the desired outcome for the total payout to be activated. When one game loses, the entire stake is lost even if all others landed a:

  • Win
  • Cancellation
  • Push
  • Tie.

On the other hand, if the results of a game are a tie, push, cancellation, or being pushed to another time, the game is removed to revert the entire stake to the next lowest stakes in the parlay.

Parlay Calculator Odds

Usually, the odds in single stakes give the house the upper hand over the gambler, which means joining multiple of them only makes the odds of landing a win slim. Like with most other bets, both wins and losses should be expected with those of this betting odds calculator, with the latter happening a lot more often than not.

Even though the winning odds get worse with an increase in the number of events stakes, the payouts only get better. Below is a table showcasing the number of events included against their parlay payout odds:

Number of Stakes Events Payout
Two 13/5
Three 6/1
Four 10/1
Five 20/1
Six 40/1
Seven 75/1
Eight 150/1


Players should note that including negative one hundred and ten in all the legs of the parlay will result in the use of the money line that is predetermined. Such payouts are worse in nearly all cases than those given when a direct calculation is involved.